LED Subway Tunnel Ads Coming to a Commute Near You?

In West Coast subway news, the LA subway is adding these LED ad strips to their tunnels to generate revenue.

The LED strip ads light up as the train passes by, and creates an animated 15 second ad.  Play this video to see them in action.

You may have seen ads like these on the PATH train.  There’s one set up there too.

I think they are pretty cool looking.  However, I’d like wireless access and information boards before we start putting up fancy ads in the tunnels.

4 thoughts on “LED Subway Tunnel Ads Coming to a Commute Near You?

  1. I would rather see additional advertising that I can close my eyes to, which concurrently raises more money to be used for transit improvements or holding fares at bay, than having to start listening to every subway rider below ground speaking on their phones. Above ground while captive in a bus or on an elevated line is bad enough

    I see noise polution as far worse than ad polution.


  2. I find I only need two distractions on the subway, a book and a iPod. Ads ads and video I don’t want. What I do want are fewer subway breakdowns, more trains, newer trains, and cleaner subway stations. As my blog might indicate, the subway is the best place to read a book, not watch TV.


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