When will 59th Street Columbus Circle Close?

Honestly, there’s about 20 square feet of the entire 59th Street station complex that’s NOT under construction.

Every time I have to get off there, it is impossible to miss the fact that there’s very little area not walled off, torn up, or fenced. It’s getting a little insane.

They may want to just shut it down till it is done. Why? Because one morning, we will litterally get off the train and have no where to go.

On top of that, they’ve started laying tile in lots of seperate areas without completing a section. So a lot of the areas do not meet up seamlessly. So effed up.

4 thoughts on “When will 59th Street Columbus Circle Close?

  1. I never seem to see or hear any work actually going on, either. I think you’re right, they should shut it down — but only if they started working on it round the clock, or at all, once it was closed!

    And as if it weren’t enough of a screw-you to customers, now they’re dispatching employees to hassle people standing in the “no standing” part of the uptown 1 train platform. Which is a very large portion of the platform. Which is why people ignore the “no standing” signs — because they HAVE TO. I wrote a long kvetch about it on my blog just now…


  2. Have there been any mainstream media investigative reports on the Columbus Circle Station?
    What keeps them from reporting on a dangerous, ugly renovation project that has remained incomplete for at least 7 years? The entire Time Warner building project was finished in much less time. The escalators at Columbus Circle have had outages that were months long. I watched businesses on Broadway from 60th to 61st Street suffer for years while two staircases to the No. 1 line were dug into the sidewalk and two lanes of Broadway were blocked. The MTA organization is clearly incompetent but where are the media and civic leaders to straighten them out?


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