Anyone have some Double Mint gum?

A funny improv mob hit the 6 train to create the human mirror.

Fifteen sets of twins, dressed identically, boarded a train and sat directly across from each other.  They mimicked each other’s every move.  They then waited for people on the train to notice the real life human mirror, then taped their reactions.

Pretty funny.  That would be pretty freaky to see in person.  I would probably have stood there for five minutes or more before realizing it.  The whole time though knowing that “something is strange here…but I can’t quite put my finger in it.”

2 thoughts on “Anyone have some Double Mint gum?

  1. i just wrote this article for my blog if you would like to use it i would correct the facts that i was recently corrected on, check it out, people should know about the roaches.


  2. I would have done the New Yorker Thing. Look around at everyone and then yawn. Then do an even bigger yawn and cover your mouth with your hand as you make a yawning noise. Hold your mouth intentionally open for a minute then close it. Keep a stone face going the entire time and then get out without saying anything to anyone. Pretend it is the most boring day of your life.


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