Over Energetic Train Conductor

Have you ever been riding to subway and heard an over energetic subway conductor that looooves to use the PA system?

There’s one guy on my line that gets into his little announcements way too much.  On the one hand, it’s awesome because you can always hear him loud and clear.  On the other hand, it gets a bit overwhelming.

He gets everyone psyched up to make the transfer to the train across the platform.

“Ok passengers.  There’s an express train right across the platform that just opened it’s doors.  Let’s do this…here we go.”

“C’mon everybody.  Be nice.  Make some room…I know you’re thinner than that.”

He can be kinda funny and nerdy at the same time.

Some are just a**holes with it.  They scream at you the whole time about blocking the doors.  As if that’s actually going to make people move faster.

5 thoughts on “Over Energetic Train Conductor

  1. there used to be an awesome conductor on the 1 train. he would always try to use spanish, but in his own way, talking about “…we’re coming up to uno-quatro-cinco folks, that’s uno-quatro-cinco, so get ready!” i miss his announcements 😦


  2. Something similar happened to me on the 1 train at 96th St, during my last visit to New York. The conductor was reminding us that “remember this is your last chance to catch the express train!” very clear and loud. He made me smile, of course.

    Also happened on that same trip that the 1 entered on the express tracks, while the 2 did on the local.


  3. I used to ride the 2/3 and there was one conductor that used to get really excited to let us know there was a connection to the path.


    Always made my day. 🙂


  4. Hey,

    I’m writing a piece on the subway for my nyu class and a section of it centers around an over energetic train conductor. Do you mind if I quote you in my article?
    It would help me a great lot. also if i can get your name in order for me to do a proper citation.

    thank you very much


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