Heavy Breathers

This is a second-hand story that I will retell now.  I’m sure many of you will be able to relate.

I was speaking to a lady friend the other night, and she was telling me how she hates heavy nose breathers on the subway.

She’s not very tall.  Average height I guess.  However, when she’s in a crowded train in front of a taller guy, she often finds herself under his nose.

Not all up in his biznass, but close enough that they are literally breathing down her neck.  Some of them apparently breath out of their noses like they just got finished running the marathon.

I’d say that ranks up there in the grossness meter.  I don’t think I would be able to have some big dude breathing on my neck or head for an entire ride.

I haven’t experienced this myself, but I guess it is pretty common.


4 thoughts on “Heavy Breathers

  1. You don’t have to be under 6 feet tall to get hit with “breathers”. Especially the ones that seem to eat raw onions for breakfast. Being a New Yorker I am able to convey my thoughts on a subway car with political adroitness and say “MF your butt breath is going to kill one of us, cover it up would you?” And then move to another part of the car.


  2. it’s terrible when you can’t get away from people with inconsiderate breathing. who the hell likes to be breathed? i’ve had people exhale at the back of my neck! i wouldn’t want to be under someone’s nose especially if it’s runny and they are breathing heavily like they just ran a marathon.


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