Jury Duty

Kill me now.

The only saving grace is the free WiFi available in the jury room. Otherwise, I would be contemplating homicide the entire day just to make things interesting.

An uneventful ride down town to the City Hall area.  It was just after 8am when I got down here, and it seemed like the city was still asleep.  Not many people out at all.  Even the courthouse security screening went fast.  No line!

Any advice on things to say to get dismissed from service, without getting charged with contempt of court would be greatly appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Jury Duty

  1. It all depends on what type of cases they are and what type of experiences you’ve had in your life. You really have to listen first to what the case entails and who they are, their race, their ethnicity and then take it from there. Speak up immediately when they ask you if you have any problems being on a particular case, never just remain quiet and accepting of being there at any time. I know I’ve only been to civil court, accident cases involving vehicles and I would always get out of all of them. I tell them I was an accident victim and have had family and friends involved also, I’ll make my comments about how certain people just can’t drive, I tell them that I feel uncomfortable about hearing about accidents and anyone being injured and incompacitated. I talk about the bad vibes/experiences I get from attorneys and the legal system in general. I tell them point blank I don’t want to be there. Now if it is criminal cases, again speak up immediately, you have to use what you’ve experienced or read or seen or how you feel. I don’t think they want you there if you don’t want to be there so always speak up, raise your hand, that’s all I can tell you. You know there are many who love jury duty, let them be there, you want to go home or back to your job. Good luck, don’t let me hear you’re on a case!


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