MTA: You Lose It, We Sell It

We were reminded today by NYCtheBlog that the MTA regularly sells off stuff that they no longer want including your lost and found items.  Then again, I guess if you never claim your lost items, they really aren’t yours anymore but I digress.

You can buy everything from toll lane scrubbers (little Zamboni looking things), to office chairs, to subway poles, to subway lights, to your lost iPod.

Sometimes they have really high end electronics that get lost and found too.

You can buy yourself a little piece of subway history right from the source.  Check out the run down.

One thought on “MTA: You Lose It, We Sell It

  1. If you lose something and you believe you lost it on transit property, you have to call or visit the lost & found office to see if it was found. Sometimes you have to make several calls there over a period of time because a lot of times it takes a while before it actually reaches the office (if it ever does) If you don’t ever do that then eventually that item is going to become someone else’s property when they have these auctions or sales, whatever they call it. If you find any lost property on transit property and you turn it in to the booth,the lost property office, dispatcher,etc and you actually have a receipt for what you turned in, if no one claims that property within 6 months it can be yours. All you have to do is have the receipt and your proper photo id. Personally a lot of that stuff should not ever be sold, a lot of it is junk, it should be given away and I mean the personal items that passengers lose, the other bigger items should be donated to different places.


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