Mailbag – MTA Please Fix Jay

Got this email today from a SUBWAYblogger reader.

I wanted to let you know about my blog – MTA Please Fix Jay.

It’s dedicated to the conditions at the Jay Street-Borough Hall subway station in Brooklyn.

There are a few issues to deal with at the station:

1. the interior condition is a disaster.  Riders deserve to commute in a clean station.  Jay Street epitomizes neglect and disrespect.

2. the condition of the MTA owned building above the station is a disaster and a waste of money.  There is a sidewalk shed that has been there for a decade.  In the midst of a budget crisis the MTA has a valuable asset that they have left vacant for a decade.

3. the lack of attention outside the station means that cars (MTA vehicles included) park in the bus stops, forcing buses to double park in bike lanes and forcing riders to board in the middle of the street.

The blog is sarcastic and a bit silly, but the points are serious ones.  The MTA must serve us better.

4 thoughts on “Mailbag – MTA Please Fix Jay

  1. Do you have any nice high resolution photos of the sidewalk shed that has been there for years? I need to post that picture on a few of my other blogs too. If you could put it up on Flickr with a no restrictions CC License that would be super. When Fat cats like MTA execs go home with fat paychecks and constantly threaten strap hangers with fare increases for crap service I like to expose the highlights.


  2. The building above the station (370 Jay Street) is no longer part of the MTA NYC Transit Authority. By now all departments should have vacated the building and moved to other locations, I know my department moved out of there over 2 years ago. I believe the building is now empty, it is city property.


  3. This station is around the corner from my dorm, so I use it all the time… nice to see a blog complaining about it :p I never noticed the bird feces encrusted lamp. Eww.


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