Would it be to much to ask for a bar car?

That’s what I would like to suggest as a new revenue stream at the MTA hearings.  It would be nice to go and get a quick coldie while on the train.

Or maybe on the platforms.  You could install bars on the platforms.  Just get rid of some of the magazine stands and convert them to beer stands.  I think it would be awesome.

I for one would buy one every day, especially in the summer.

Then maybe you add some coffee stands (nice, clean coffee stands).  That would be killer in the morning.

I guess in general, I’m looking for concessions on my ride.

19 thoughts on “Would it be to much to ask for a bar car?

  1. It brings back old memories when there were food, candy, soda, ice cream vending machines on some of the stations and there were actual food stands on some of the major train stations like 14 St Union Square & 42nd St Times Square & Delancey St. It worked then but I don’t think it would work now, too much garbage, too many rats, people don’t know how to throw things in the garbage cans instead of tossing it on the floor.


  2. I’ve lived in New York all my life and I’ve communted to just about all parts of the city via the good ole iron horse. I am certain some stops or neighborhoods that would be able to handle the externalities of the alchohol and extra comsumpion; more trash, more drunks, more general unrullyness. At the same time I think there are some stops and neighborhoods that wouldnt be able to handle it and would take a hit to their quality if life ratings. Lets take for example the 137th street 1 train station; take a look at all the trash thats on those tracks, imagine what that would look like if you had people consuming a few brewskies near that station.


  3. Hot coffee or a donut, perhaps. But I vote no on alcohol. The last thing we need are more drunks on public transportation.

    No offense to any drunks out there…


  4. As someone who has seen people pee in the subway station, I think alcohol is probably a mistake. Ditto the food; leads to more rodents. I see your point, but its really more for terminals than stations. I think cleanliness, comfort, safety and reliability are the hallmarks of a good public transportation – entertainment is not on my list.

    As for raising more revenue. More advertising (station wraps) and maybe an “adopt-a-station” program, or naming rights? Anyone for the Bloomingdales Station? Macy’s Station? Madison Square Garden Station? Target Station?


  5. In the old days yeah, but not now. Like a few of the other strap hangers said, the booze I’d vote is out. Too many problems. And the food smells would entice rodents. There are a lot of misguided individuals who for whatever reason, throw their garbage on the tracks. Plus I think you can get a ticket for a quality of life fine. There are laws NYC regarding open alcoholic beverages as well.


  6. @The Descriptionist:
    When I think about The Descriptionist comments i realize how much new yorkers are use to just being bombarded with ads all day long. After a while it really does get annoying especially when it starts to blur the line between public and private space. The only way I would be able to tolerate all that is it was done extremely creatively other wise I don’t think I would like 2,000 more ads in my face. If the potential cost increase from NOT having these things is big enough then I think I would rethink my resistance to more ads..


  7. Ohhh c’mon people. Relax.

    I can see your point about the food. That would cause a mess. But what’s wrong with the beer?

    The Tube in London has always allowed drinking. They talked about a ban this year, but I dont know if it went through.

    MetroNorth allows drinking. You can grab a beer at Grand Central just as you enter the platforms. It’s great! Nothing like grabbing a coldie after a long summer’s day at work.

    Lastly, no one is going to get wasted in the subway. Who is honestly going to stand around and buy drink after drink on the subway platform?

    Also, just price them at $6 or $8 a piece and that will address the over consumption right there. I would grab one at that price. 2 or more gets expensive.

    I think it would be a great idea. You could also set a time limit on it. You could say that beer sales end at 8pm or something. That way late night drinking wouldn’t be an issue.

    I think you’re not giving it a chance because you think it is going to be $1.00 bud lights and $2.00 tequila shots or something.


  8. Yes on the coffee, absolutely, definitely yes. Ditto on the food so long as its wrapped hermetically. If you think about it, we already have food sold on the platforms – cookies and candy at the news-stands. That said, the idea of an unwrapped doughnut gathering subway dust does turn my stomach.
    No on the beer, simply on the grounds of NYC law and potential liability. NYC local law prohibits public consumption of alcohol, so you may buy that brew for $8, but once you pop the cap, the cops will haul you away. Also, just imagine what’ll happen when some schmuck ( and there will be one) decides to end it all by downing a few and hopping the third rail?


  9. I think that would be a great idea. So if you have to go to work early in the morning you would really use a coffee, and some food. Btw beer would not be the best idea, but I won’t ban it anyway. I know how it is if you work the whole day in summer and after work you would drink a beer on the way home. So it would be possible, but it has pros and contras. And I still believe that you won’t drink a beer after another if it is too expensive.


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  11. If there would be selled beer or not, i don’t mention, but it would be a good idea. I often don’t have any time, to eat and drink something for breakfast. So hopefully something like that is done soon. I would really like it.


  12. Why don’t they try to do this? It would be such a nice idea. I’d love to drink some coffee in the morning on the subway. I don’t know if beer is a really good idea, but I believe they should sell it there. I’d love that.


  13. In answer to whether alcohol got banned on the London tube in the end…it did, last summer. The most noticable effect was the massive tube party the night before the ban which descended in mass-drunkeness, chaos, arrests, etc 🙂 (just search You-tube for tube and alcohol to see the evidence)

    Since then, I’m not sure it’s made a huge difference. You still see the odd person having a sneaky drink, but you don’t see big groups of Australian backpackers doing Circle-Line pub crawls, like you did once. In terms of anti-social behaviour though, I don’t think it’s made any difference, the problem isn’t the one drink someone has on the the Tube on the way out/way home, it’s the 17 pints they have in the bar in between 🙂 Plus, I don’t really recall there being that much drink-related anti-social behaviour in the first place.

    PS – nice blog, keep up the good work


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