Back to Normal

It’s been a busy few days for SUBWAYblogger.  Thankfully, I can refocus here now and stop neglecting the site!

In other news, did anyone attempt to go to Times Square to watch the Inaugaration yesterday?  If you did, you were probably pretty pissed.

There were thousands that turned out to watch, but from what I’ve heard, there was no sound!  You could see it all happening on the jumbo screens, but no one thought to set up speakers to hear anything.  Oops.

We’ve been getting lots of comments on our Bar Car idea.  I still think it would be an excellent idea, but apparently most other people are afraid of the devil beer.

One thought on “Back to Normal

  1. “Watching the Inauguration in Times Square 8 by i’mjustsayin.
    Ironically, at the NY1-sponsored Times Square event, almost everyone was turned away from NY1’s cheapo (and hard-to-see) rear-projection setup, instead watching CNN’s coverage on their big, bright video wall across Broadway.

    But NY1 had audio, and no one else in Times Square did, so we had to deal with the audio being about 5 seconds ahead of CNN’s video feed.”

    Watching the Inauguration in Times Square 8

    I guess if you werent standing close enough to the NY1 screen you wouldnt be able to hear anything?


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