Snow in New York City


This morning’s snow really pisses me off.  I was totally getting into the thought of it becoming spring.  Even on Friday, it was really nice.  You barely needed a jacket.  Then, wham!  All this snow.

It’s total bull.

So it should make this morning’s commute a gem.  Actually, what will really be interesting is when it all starts to melt and flood the tracks.  That will be really pretty.

In the immediate sense, all we have to deal with is falling down the stairs as you enter the subway.  No biggie.

Unfortunately, the subway stairs have these metal plates on them that have diamond patters cut into them.  They also have a somewhat abrasive texture to them.

In wet conditions, they work pretty well.  It adds a little traction to what are otherwise tile (freaking stupid) stairs.  However, when it snows, the metal plates tend to cling to the snow.  Under foot traffic, snow gets tracked onto the stairs and then gets packed into the textured plates.  It builds up over time and then gets really slick. 

Since the plate itself is metal, it gets really cold really quick so it tends to hold the packed snow very well.  Makes for a joyous time getting in and out of the subway.

We’d love to hear more about YOUR adventures this morning.  Hit up the comments.

5 thoughts on “Snow in New York City

  1. Spent 20 min shoveling front sidewalk, 15 min cleaning off car, 15 min driving kid to playgroup at 5 mph, 10 min getting wife out with other kid, 15 min re-shoveling snow on front of car that fucking asshole custodians of nearby school buried my car in.


  2. My adventure was purely pleasure. I took my camera out and shot some pictures (see blog) on my way to work… You gotta love it! Hopefully it will be the last snow this winter season… Peace!


  3. You never write about anything anymore. It makes me sad 😦 What about the guy that got arrested for going through the emergency exit? What about the new talks on fare hikes? Common Subway Blogger! You’re losin’ me!


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