Baby Almost Born on Subway

Maybe next time, take a cab?

Jeanie Colberg was on the 4 train with her young daughter on the way to the hospital yesterday when her water broke.

Baby almost born in subwayLuckily, a good samaritan was there to comfort her and calm her down a bit.  At Union Square, EMS workers were there to handle the rest.  She ended up giving birth to a 7 pound baby in the back of the ambulance.

She even gave the baby her middle name, Rochelle, after a transit worker that assisted her.

I don’t know for a fact that she was on the way to the hospital because she was in labor.  If not, it’s a pretty freaky coincidence.

So let’s assume she was in labor, would you really take the 4 train?  I’m personally gonna go with NO.  It’s either 911, or take a cab.  Even if you’re a bit light on the cab fare, I’m pretty sure they’d let you get away with it.

2 thoughts on “Baby Almost Born on Subway

  1. Labor can take hours. No need to rush to the hospital in a cab if you’re still early in labor and don’t expect (nor does your doctor expect) you to be in hard labor any time soon. Otherwise you just end up sitting for more time waiting to get into a delivery room (I waited over 7 hours to get into a delivery room, and that was after taking the train to kill some time). Also, cabbies have the same prejudices that subway riders have about hating pregnant women. You think a cabbie is going to not only stop for a pregnant woman who looks like she’s going to pop, but also let her get away without paying? I love New York, but having been pregnant here, I do not expect the kindness of strangers to be something on which to count.


  2. Correction: Labor can take days. Can be as long as 48 hours or more for some women. I was lucky to have a quick labor (a few hours) but the last phase came on fast and my daughter was almost born in the car. She was born 10 minutes after we got to the hospital! You just can never tell, especially if it’s your first labor. But I agree with every else you said, Stephanie. 🙂


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