Swine Flu Snot on the Subway

Am I the only one that feels hyper of every cough, sneeze, or sniffle around them these days?

I know I have ranted in the past about germs on the subway, but this is taking it to another level.

Personally, I think the whole swine flu insanity is a lot of hype.  Yes, those people died, and that is sad.  The fact still remains that good old fashioned regular flu kills far more people both in raw numbers and percentage.  Almost every case of swine flu in NYC has been reported as mild.

However, even being a super intelligent person such as myself, I have found myself being extra aware of the “germs” around me on the subway.  I know it is crazy.  As I’m standing there thinking it, I’m saying to myself, “You’re being a f*&%ing idiot.”

What’s even crazier is seeing how other people are reacting.  Now when someone lets out a big sneeze, people literally get up and walk away.  They move to another part of the car or go stand on the other end of the platform.

It’s getting pretty crazy.

4 thoughts on “Swine Flu Snot on the Subway

  1. I was on the A train last week on my way to work, sitting in one of the side-facing seats closest to the pair of front-facing seats when I choked on my coffee. Despite the fact that it was obvious I was choking on my coffee and that I covered my mouth with my handkerchief, the man in the front-facing seat near me turned his body nearly all the way around. He didn’t get up and walk away, but he did sit in that weird twisted position for the rest of my trip (another 20 minutes) despite the fact that I only coughed for about 30 seconds. Now that’s pretty crazy in my book.


  2. Sometimes I cough on purpose to see if I can get a seat. You gotta take advantage of peoples’ retardedness and overreacting.


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