Subway iPhone Game

Subway Shuffle iPhone AppHave you played Subway Shuffle for iPhone/iTouch?  It’s pretty damn addictive.

It’s sort of Rubik’s cube like.  Maybe not.  It’s sort of hard to describe, but I will try.

Basically, you have to move your “train” from one end of the puzzle board to the destination.  Along the way, you can only travel on your own line (color).  Meanwhile, there are other trains in front of you that must be moved out of the way for you to pass.

So on each board, it gets more and more tricky.  Eventually, you have to start thinking multiple moves ahead of time.  Read More »

Dear Steve Jobs, please send me an iPhone

You know I’ve made it no secret that SUBWAYblogger wants an iPhone for the express purpose of a better moblogging experience.  Frankly, I’m getting pretty antsy, and I wish Steve Jobs (or anyone at Apple) would just send me one.

Hell, they could be an entitlement sponsor of SUBWAYblogger.  We could be the mobile blogging posterchild.

I have a Blackberry World right now, and yeah, it is ok.  The blog by email thing is really lame though.  And all the WordPress bells and whistles simply aren’t there.

Plus, being able to pull pictures in right from the iPhone camera into the post would be huuuuge.  Then you could see what I see.

SUBWAYblogger is a super Apple fan too.  We have a Macbook Pro 17″, Macbook, Mac G4, iPod’s galore, iPod Touch, Airport Extreme with Timecapsule and more.

Clearly, I would have bought one myself by now.  However, SUBWAYblogger’s day job does not yet support iPhone for email.  So I did not want to have to float two cell bills, and the cost of two devices if at all possible.

Anyway, I’m having a temper tantrum.  I want one now.  If you work at Apple or AT&T, please email submit [[at]] if you would like to offer one of your fine products.  It would be greatly appreciated.