Free Hats and Gloves

Did people leave their homes and offices in a panic today?

I saw no less than 2 hats and 3 different gloves on the sidewalks and subway stairs today. People were clearly fishing around for things in their pockets and bags not realizing they were dropping them.

Why couldn’t it be $100 bills instead?

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Worst Tourists Award

Let’s just get right to it. Do the French tourists win this game? Is it even a contest? I think so.

In my book, the French tourists are the most obnoxious touristists in town. I can’t even think of another group that even comes close.

I say this as I stand near a group of French students who have essentially qtaken over the subway platform. Just their arrogant presence is enough to win them the crown for most obnoxious tourists.

Really, there’s no other group I can think of that comes close.

Asian tourists can be a little annoying, but overall, they are fine. Sure, when they travel in groups, the girls especially, the giddy volume level can get a little high. But it’s all very innocent.

Even southern tourists aren’t too bad. Annoying and a little slow, yes, but that can mostly be attributed to the inbreeding. So I don’t hold it against them.

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