Worst Tourists Award

Let’s just get right to it. Do the French tourists win this game? Is it even a contest? I think so.

In my book, the French tourists are the most obnoxious touristists in town. I can’t even think of another group that even comes close.

I say this as I stand near a group of French students who have essentially qtaken over the subway platform. Just their arrogant presence is enough to win them the crown for most obnoxious tourists.

Really, there’s no other group I can think of that comes close.

Asian tourists can be a little annoying, but overall, they are fine. Sure, when they travel in groups, the girls especially, the giddy volume level can get a little high. But it’s all very innocent.

Even southern tourists aren’t too bad. Annoying and a little slow, yes, but that can mostly be attributed to the inbreeding. So I don’t hold it against them.

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13 thoughts on “Worst Tourists Award

  1. Ignorant? You’re the ignorant one. I wasn’t talking about Americans traveling abroad. I was talking about people here in New York.

    I agree, Americans do have a bad rap abroad, and deservedly so. And yes, I’ve traveled abroad. I travel more in 6 months than you will your entire life, so feel free to get off your high horse when ever you feel like it.

    And if “we ugly Americans” are so bad, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


  2. I honestly think British tourists are by far the worst in the world. American tourists can be annoying too, mostly because they come off as quite ignorant, but the Brits are downright rude and pushy.


  3. geez..its not the French at all..its the frickin TEXANS and others from that world…fanny packed, walking four wide, asking the front desk how to drive from 58th and 5th to their Broadway show…

    I’ll take the French any day!


  4. Even when compared with Americans, the French still come off as the worst. I spent three years living in a heavily-touristed town in the UK, and there was nothing like the level of obnoxious around when a French school group was nearby. While the Americans may have been a little higher on the ignorance scale, at least they were curious, whereas the French…

    And on the subways, I’m not sure that the French, or any foreigners, are worse than the home-grown teenagers right as school gets out.


  5. I must chime in on this one. I would agree that Brits are the worst tourists in the world. I actually love French tourists, because their behavior allows you the perfect opportunity to give them a nasty look and feel grounded about it. In every other situation with the French, you’re walking on damn egg shells. Brits are just.. egh.. the worst. Their accent makes me puke. Their attitude makes me twitch. And their history makes me feel proud to be an American. Backstabbing bastards! lol. And, I don’t understand how British women can be attracted to British men with that vocabulary…


  6. Haha, NY teenagers are pretty obnoxious! But I’m used to them, at least.

    I do have to admit though that the only time I ever flipped anyone off in NY, it was a group of European teenagers (nationality undetermined). Maybe they were French, hehe? They were just being loud and obnoxious, OH, and chanting their futbol chants. Agh! ( I may have been drunk, too.) The look on the one boy’s face though when he saw me flipping them off was priceless!! LOL!!! Comic astonishment! Also I think he was kind of excited and pleased to be flipped off by an authentic angry New Yorker. Lol! šŸ˜›


  7. See, I’m a little late to contribue to this post…. But I must say…. I do agree with the comment that the French are the worst tourists. I must also add that I am from Upstate New York (Rochester) and I have to say I feel the way about NYC’ers that you say about French tourists. I have a sister that lives in NYC and i LOVE the girl, but visiting NYC is just cold torture. No one says hello, people will bump into you, no one says excuse me and no stranger will EVER start a small conversation with you. I’d rather blog with all of you than visit šŸ™‚


  8. Lilsubwaybaby, just remember where the americans actually came from. youre technically derived from the english.

    wave your fanny pack opinions somewhere else.


  9. johnmarazanni, eh… ha.. lol. omg. You missed the boat… on history. No, I’m American and I’m sure not derived from the English! Our country’s origin is based on a foundation created by England, and its king. But to be clear, America was created because people didn’t want to be BRITISH, or have anything to do with their immoral behavior. So when they are here visiting our country, I find them annoying. And, that is where the country, America, came from. It is not where Americans come from. I think that most American’s actually have no blood lines whatsoever running back to England.

    Fanny Pack?


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  11. Ohh yeah, well how about the New Yorkers themselves… I know you had a long day, or its just ahead of you, I know the train took exceptionally long today, and I know that it stinks and is overcrowded… but jeeez crack a smile, don’t look like a cattle just jam packed there; tourists perhaps annoying at times but they are always jolly =P


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