Going to Be Chilly This Week

Subway Coat

Welcome to Monday boys and girls.  Get back to work!

It’s going to be cold later this week.  With the exception of a quick spike to 42 degrees on Tuesday, it is going to gradually get colder.  Friday, we could be looking at a high of only 13.

I for one say GOOD!  I’d like to go at least one winter this week where I don’t regret my choice of outerwear.  The temperature lately jumps and falls more sporadically than the stock market.  It makes planning your clothes for the day difficult.

You’ve got to factor in that the subway platform and train is going to be warmer than the plain outside air, right?  So you try to do your best.

You don’t want to have a heavy coat on only to get down to the platform and need to peel all that off before you stroke out.

You go outside expecting it to be cold only to find out it’s not quite as cold as you thought.  Then you’re standing there sweating your behind off.  And you know, you never want to be that a-hole with the giant parka on, taking up all the extra space.  People can’t get by you because you’re trying to stash away your mittens without dropping your coffee.

So outside it will gradually get colder and so will the platform/trains.  Don’t forget your hat!

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Subway Newsstand: Worst Job Ever?

Possibly one of the worst jobs of all time.  Can you imagine working in a subway platform newsstand stand?  Having to deal with the degenerates of the city all day long?

The heat in the summer alone would be enough for me to throw myself on the tracks.

My biggest concern would be my health.  I’m sorry, but spending 8 or 12 hours a day on the subway platform cannot be healthy.

There’s so many smells and fumes, not to mention the lead paint and asbestos.

Someone should do a health study of workers that spend 8 hours a day down there.  It can’t be pretty.

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Trains that Bypass Stations…”Beep Beep”

When was the last time you were waiting on the platform for what seemed like an eternity only to have the next train blow right past you?

I’ve witnessed it a lot lately.  At least 3 times in the last 5 days actually. Luckily for me, I was already on board the train doing the bypassing.  So my local train got to run express for a few stops.  Honestly, it feels awesome.

It totally sucks though if you’re the one on the platform.

Sometimes, the trains get so backed up that there are massive gaps between trains.  So, the train dispatchers instruct the trains to skip stops in order to catch up and spread the load out.  It will slow down as it approaches the station and beep the horn in two short bursts.  That’s the sound of you getting screwed.

In most cases, there’s another train a minute behind the one that just blew past you (like they say in the announcements).

Have you witnessed it a lot lately?


Worst Tourists Award

Let’s just get right to it. Do the French tourists win this game? Is it even a contest? I think so.

In my book, the French tourists are the most obnoxious touristists in town. I can’t even think of another group that even comes close.

I say this as I stand near a group of French students who have essentially qtaken over the subway platform. Just their arrogant presence is enough to win them the crown for most obnoxious tourists.

Really, there’s no other group I can think of that comes close.

Asian tourists can be a little annoying, but overall, they are fine. Sure, when they travel in groups, the girls especially, the giddy volume level can get a little high. But it’s all very innocent.

Even southern tourists aren’t too bad. Annoying and a little slow, yes, but that can mostly be attributed to the inbreeding. So I don’t hold it against them.

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