7 thoughts on “F Train Likes it Deeeeep

  1. The Roosevelt Island F train platform is the second deepest subway station. The 191 Street station (1 train) is deepest. The 63rd Street station might be the third deepest, but I’m not sure. It’s the only one of the three I’ve actually used though, and it seems plenty deep. Running the stairs up is fun!


  2. yeah, i take that every day. makes even more of an issue when people don’t walk on the left and stand on the right on the escalators. fortunately it does not happen that often since it is not a very touristy area.


  3. Yea I’m not sure the 63rd street station is a contender for the deepest either because there are some mega deep ones in Northern Manhattan too. Shouldn’t there be some kind of MTA chart somewhere to warn people about the number of stairs you have to climb in the event of a poser failure? What if you were having a difficult time walking and you got stuck down there?


  4. The deeper you go into the system, the hotter it gets and for that reason I do not like to be at that station especially in the summer, it’s hell down there. Also I really don’t think that station is one I would ever want to be on in case anything happens, like a terrorist attack, fire, power outage, etc.


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