Multiple Turnstiles on the Fritz


Did you ever walk into the subway station an notice that a lot of people (including yourself) are having trouble swiping through the turnstile?

I’ve seen it happen three or four times before, and had it happen to me.

We’re regular New Yorkers that swipe through the turnstile everyday without problem.  Then all of a sudden, you try to swipe through just like any other day and you get the dreaded “Please swipe again at this turnstile.”  You swipe again…nothing.  Again…nothing.  Then on the fifth or sixth try, it works.   What the hell was that?  It’s like you’re a clueless tourist or something.

That happened today, but it wasn’t just me.  It seemed that people were having issues at all the turnstiles.  We were all looking at each other like, “Are we being punked here?”

I mean, people were getting through, but it took everyone swiping a few times each.

Signage to Promote Express Metrocards

Did anyone else see signs, literally put up on easels, at your subway station advertising the new EasyPay Express Metrocards?

At Columbus Circle, they had a bunch of them printed up and set up at the main entrance.

In case you don’t know already, the MTA has set up a Metrocard that automatically refills itself when the balance gets low.  It’s kind of like an EasyPass for your car.  Once your MetroCard balance gets down to $30, it will aautomatically refill itself with $40 more.

For the pay-as-you-go crowd, this is probably a great idea.  It will certainly save you time, and you’ll never really have to worry about refilling your card again.  I only wish they did the same thing for the monthly unlimited cards.  They should have one that automatically renews itself each month.

Anyway, this is the first time I’ve seen the MTA set up these little sign boards to promote a new program.  Wonder if it will make a difference.

Use the East River to Power the Subway

Well here’s an idea that finally makes sense.

This year, the surging current of the East River will help provide power to a nearby subway station. The lights that lace the ornate interior of Manhattan’s Grand Central Station have largely been replaced by bulbs that burn brightly but save energy. There are plans to make the rooftop of a Queens bus depot bloom like a garden. [USA TODAY]

Do some more of that and maybe the MTA can get their finances under control.  Save a little dough.

Maybe they could figure our a way to turn the oppressive summer subway heat into electricity.

Using the Water in the Subway for Good?

Subway Rat and Dirt

I can think of few things more disgusting than using the water collected in the subway for anything other than chemical weaponry. However, it seems that the MTA may be looking into that as part of the sustainability plan.

For example, MTA plans to power a “significant portion” of the Roosevelt Island Subway Station with renewable tidal energy generated in the East River; add a high-performance roof at MTA Metro-North Railroad’s Harmon Yard Shop, and a white roof at the MTA Long Island Rail Road Hillsdale facility; offer incentive packages from various state agencies to encourage development at or near MTA stations; and evaluate ways MTA New York City Transit can use water harvested from the subway system. [Progressive Railroading]

I’m all for sustainability, energy conservation, and saving the environment. HOWEVER, what possible good can come from doing anything with the subway water “harvested” from the system? Gross!

Trump Gets Dissed

Ha! The contractors working on the refurbishment of the Columbus Circle subway station printed up a bunch of signs directing people to the Trump Globe. However, they spelled his name Trumph!

Apparently, they did not follow proper procedure.

“They are being reinstructed on the proper way to obtain a service information poster from the service information division of corporate communications,” he said. “That division researches, writes and prints all of our service information posters, brochures, take-ones and the like you see in the system and posted on buses.” [City Room]

I don’t know what’s funnier: Donald Trumph getting pissed off because his brand name was spelled wrong, or the fact that there’s an entire department devoted to “researching” signs and posters.