Another MTA Fare Hike

So SUBWAYblogger has been waiting for the rumors of yet another MTA fare hike to shake out before passing judgement.  And her it is…

You’ve gotta be f***ing kidding me.

They haven’t said what the details of the proposed hike are yet, but there are some initial reports.  Those reports say there could be an 8% increase next July, and another 5% hike in 2011.

The need for the increase in fare has been attributed to higher fuel costs and lower real estate revenue.

The city needs to do better negotiating for it’s gas reserves then.  And the state should remove the tax on that gas (maybe they do already…who knows).

So if that is the case, then just the bus fares should go up, sorry grandma.  You’re going to need to carry more quarters in your purse.