Another MTA Fare Hike

So SUBWAYblogger has been waiting for the rumors of yet another MTA fare hike to shake out before passing judgement.  And her it is…

You’ve gotta be f***ing kidding me.

They haven’t said what the details of the proposed hike are yet, but there are some initial reports.  Those reports say there could be an 8% increase next July, and another 5% hike in 2011.

The need for the increase in fare has been attributed to higher fuel costs and lower real estate revenue.

The city needs to do better negotiating for it’s gas reserves then.  And the state should remove the tax on that gas (maybe they do already…who knows).

So if that is the case, then just the bus fares should go up, sorry grandma.  You’re going to need to carry more quarters in your purse.

3 thoughts on “Another MTA Fare Hike

  1. When I heard this, my reaction was exactly like yours–

    You’ve got to be f***ing kidding me. First it was the hike earlier this year that screwed up MetroCard amounts (I think I have a couple of $1.00 MetroCards laying around somewhere), and now they want to hike it up again? Other than for the astronomical gas prices that only applies to buses, what other reason do they have for this? They ain’t doing nothing else. Stations are still dirty, and trains are still ridiculously congested.

    The moment I see some stuff improve in the transit will be the moment I start to believe that these hikes are justified. Until then, this is another way to screw New Yorkers in the wallet with a sharp rusty pole.


  2. Men urinate at my subway subway stop. It is full of trash. On a humid day, I am dripping with sweat because there is no ventilation, not to mention fans (unlike the Union Square stop). Unless I get on in the middle of the day, there are rarely seats once the train comes. And I’m supposed to pay more?


  3. You know those highway signs that say something like “the next mile is kept clean by THIS COMPANY”. Why don’t we have companies adopt stations? I’ve only been riding the trains for 50 years so maybe someone can remember when the station managers really did keep their stations looking good. I remember when there were working bathrooms in some stations that you could rely on… usually. I don’t want bathrooms below ground, I just some competition keeping stations clean.

    How about a “report a subway perp” program that pays 50 bucks cash no questions asked for reports leading to arrests. If there was a better camera system and a call came in for a pissing in progress we could get some good busts on the creeps that stink it up for everyone else.


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