Train running late? Take this Maserati instead.

With all the talk recently about corporate sponsorship of subway stations and other mass transit fixtures, it is no wonder that we saw a pair of Maserati on the Grand Concourse of Grand Central Terminal.  (Side note, is the plural of Maserati “maseratis,” “maseraties,” or just plain “maserati” ?   I could look it up, but ahh.)

Granted, this was a high end charitable fundraiser where a raffle ticket would set you back $1000.  So basically, if you are a bank CEO, here’s where you could spend part of your bailout check.

Corporate interests are rarely allowed on the floor of the Grand Concourse any more.  Once in a great while, you might see something, but it’s rare.  The place is basically considered a temple, so brands don’t often get access.

However, maye it will become more of a regular occurrence.

Maserati?  Ehh ok I guess.  Kia?  Not so much.

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