Being right all the time gets boring

So like I said, the rain is bad news.

My ride home was all f-ed up.  I got onto the platform only to see 10,000 other people already waiting for the train delayed due to rain.

By pure miracle, I made it onto the first train that finally came 15 minutes later.  People were getting so pissed that they left the station (to go back out into the rain!).  It just so happened that a guy in front of me got fed up and left.  A minute later, the train came and a door lined up with me perfectly.

The train immediately switched from a local to an express train…pissing off many.

So yeah, being right all the time is getting pretty old.

Weekend Subway Service Changes Reach Whole New Level

This was honestly what you had to deal with this weekend to get around the city.

Subway Changes Map

The MTA basically decided to turn the subway into a giant NASCAR track.  So you had to just get on and cross your fingers that you boarded the correct train in the loop.

The 2 train went down the west side as normal, but then returned back up the east side.  The 5 train went down the east side, but then came up the west side.

Hopefully you didn’t have your iPod turned up so loud you couldn’t hear the announcements.  Odds of noticing the posters were low.  Even if you did, you probably wouldn’t be able to read them without the special decoder ring.

Bomb Explosion in Times Square Disrupts Subway Service

A small bomb was set off in Times Square around 3:45am today. The explosion occurred on the doorstep of the Army/Navy recruitment station on the island in the center of Times Square.

As a result, the police immediately suspended subway service in Times Square. Luckily, trains kept moving and simply bypassed Times Square. However, since TS is a major transfer hub, bypassing it makes it a little tricky for commuters.

Luckily, service resumed fairly quickly…or somewhat quickly.

The station was/is basically on super secure mode. Trains entering the station were boarded by police dogs and checked before being allowed to proceed. In the station itself, there were officers in SWAT gear with machine guns. There were many people being randomly stopped and checked as well.

This will likely continue for the next few days. However, as the mayor said, it’s back to business as usual in Times Square, with a few more automatic weapons near by.