Bomb Explosion in Times Square Disrupts Subway Service

A small bomb was set off in Times Square around 3:45am today. The explosion occurred on the doorstep of the Army/Navy recruitment station on the island in the center of Times Square.

As a result, the police immediately suspended subway service in Times Square. Luckily, trains kept moving and simply bypassed Times Square. However, since TS is a major transfer hub, bypassing it makes it a little tricky for commuters.

Luckily, service resumed fairly quickly…or somewhat quickly.

The station was/is basically on super secure mode. Trains entering the station were boarded by police dogs and checked before being allowed to proceed. In the station itself, there were officers in SWAT gear with machine guns. There were many people being randomly stopped and checked as well.

This will likely continue for the next few days. However, as the mayor said, it’s back to business as usual in Times Square, with a few more automatic weapons near by.

7 thoughts on “Bomb Explosion in Times Square Disrupts Subway Service

  1. Who would even want to blow up Times Square? Whats up with all the bombing these days? I think Bush should stop hitting on Iraq and 75% of terrorism will spot immediately because there won’t be any cause to fight back.


  2. Great idea ultimatum, lets take the pressure off them so they have more time to plan something bigger. Actually Afghanistan is more like the pressure and Iraq is more like a distraction an easy place to for terrorists to travel to in order to kill Americans.

    I understand we cant be there forever but hey just give us enough time to come up with a plan to prevent future bombings.

    … but anyway the bombing @ the Time Square recruiting station was most likely executed by some crazy left wing hippies (aka. some of the biggest hypocrites on this planet) these people are terrorists just of a different breed.


  3. B, ultimatum,

    So are tiny little pipe-bombs with a baby white plume of smoke considered “bombings” these days? I guess in America they are.

    ultimatum – yeah good idea. Let’s just back out of the middle east and let all the terrrrists kill us before we kill them. If we kill them all off over the course of say, 10 years, we’ll solve the problem and there will be no more bombings or terism (its not like the youth of these countries is going to be upset by anything we do in the future…). The best solution is to kill them, not leave them alone to build bombs and new plans.


  4. Wow.

    ultimatum – Please explain, preferably in essay form.

    Lilsubwaybaby – To answer your question: “are tiny little pipe-bombs with a baby white plume of smoke considered “bombings” these days?” Yes, they are. If you use the word “bomb” in your definition, then “bombings” is the correct term.


  5. I agree with B, this is most likely a left wing home grown burnout. The bomb was very crude, in the video it looks like he has to light the fuse. Also from the ammount of smoke he is most likely using old fireworks gun powder. He obviously doesn’t want to hurt anyone judging from the time of morning he struck, but the scary thing is he had to know this is the most heavily watched areas of the city. If he could pull this off, what else is possible? Security is an illusion. BE ALERT of people around you.


  6. Lil- You’re right to correct me on that. Smokebombs do indeed contain the word bomb and are not in fact explosives. I was wrong.

    However, anything that explodes and is decribed as a “pipe bomb”, regardless of the size, is indeed a bomb worth noting.


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