Well, yeah that smelly dude is standing a little to close to you, but at least the trains aren’t on fire.
Ok, that’s an exaggeration.
There was a manhole fire near the 33rd Street PATH station around noon today. Apparently, the smoke caused damage to the signal system on the PATH lines near this station.
So, there’s [...]

WOW. Gun Show on the Subway

Posted on April 24th, 2008 by The SUBWAYblogger in Crime

Holy hell, did you see all the guns on the subway today?  Apparently, it’s all part of “Operation TORCH,” a new federally funded security initiative.
The NYPD received a $30 million grant to increase subway security in a major way.  However, it seems like they are only focusing on major subway hubs. 
The police units, part of [...]

And by fun, I mean it sucked big time. 
The Brooklyn bound 2 and 3 trains were definitely not running, but I heard there were issues with the 4 and 5 too, which makes sense.
There was allegedly a power failure somewhere near the crossing from Manhattan to Brooklyn.
In any event, that meant there were no 2, [...]

Adios Pope Benedict!

Posted on April 20th, 2008 by The SUBWAYblogger in Rider Strategy

Now, our lives can get back to normal. The Pope’s visit to NYC has caused some all around travel issues. If you were planing to go anywhere on the East side this past week, you were probably out of luck at many times.
No matter how you planned to travel, including by rail, there [...]

All SUBWAYblogger readers must read this post by METRO today.  I died laughing.  It reminds me of many experiences which I have posted about in the past.

I can think of few things more disgusting than using the water collected in the subway for anything other than chemical weaponry. However, it seems that the MTA may be looking into that as part of the sustainability plan.
For example, MTA plans to power a “significant portion” of the Roosevelt Island Subway Station with [...]

I feel like I am running into the most bitchy people on the subway lately.  I mean this week!
There seem to be an especially high number of moody bitches causing problems on the train.  For what ever reason, it has still be crowded in the morning even though many schools are off this week.  So [...]

Remember that guy that saw a girl on the subway and fell in love with her immediately? Or perhaps you remember feeling a little nauseous when you read the story.

Well now there’s a brand new site that allows you to get stalked find your missed subway love connection.
SubwayCrush.com is a new site that simply [...]

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