Are people being pissy more than normal?

I feel like I am running into the most bitchy people on the subway lately.  I mean this week!

There seem to be an especially high number of moody bitches causing problems on the train.  For what ever reason, it has still be crowded in the morning even though many schools are off this week.  So I don’k know what the deal is, but the trains are more crowded than ever this week.

On that note, people think if they cause a scene, somehow it is going to make things move quicker.

Have you noticed anything?

8 thoughts on “Are people being pissy more than normal?

  1. Trust me Subway Blogger, i am counting the days until i move out of this city.

    Don’t get me wrong, i love new york to death, i was born and raised right here in Williamsburg, then the yuppies invaded like a bunch of raid-resistant roaches. But it’s the people of new york that i am hating more and more each day. mostly because they are out of towners, old new-yorkers are leaving by bus loads, well, i cannot to be on that bus along with them.

    and right before i leave, i will fulfill my lifelong long dream and sucker punch that idiot that stands by the subway doors without any inclination to MOVE OUT OF THE WAY when a full platform of people are trying to get in and there is plenty of free space in the middle.

    counting the days


  2. Hey, go for it right now. No need to hold back the sucker punch any longer.

    The people that just stand there and dont move are arrogant dicks.

    I admit that I prefer to stand in the doorway. However, at each stop, I take one step off onto the platform, let everyone on and off, then get back into my spot. So there’s a clear path.

    However, these big wannabe badasses that dont even turn to the side when people are trying to get on/off need to get one square in the ribs.


  3. Guys, sounds like your strategy is a little off. A “sucker punch”, or punch in the ribs, or punch of any kind is quite inadequate. Try a knife. In the foot. That has worked for me in the past. Also, might want to try complaining more about it. That will help my blog.


  4. Sucker punch, knife to the foot, elbow to the kidneys, or even better, forearm to crush the trachea. All suitable treatments for door louts.

    Just make sure to push the door lout out of the train—otherwise you might be held for an hour due to a “sick passenger”.


  5. Yeh man i was on the subway and some guy sat on my burito. This really offended me and i quickly told him what he had done.

    Whats wrong with subway people these days?


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