Getting to Brooklyn Today was Fun!

And by fun, I mean it sucked big time. 

The Brooklyn bound 2 and 3 trains were definitely not running, but I heard there were issues with the 4 and 5 too, which makes sense.

There was allegedly a power failure somewhere near the crossing from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

In any event, that meant there were no 2, 3, 4, or 5 trains going to Brooklyn.  They all started turning around to come back uptown.  Lovely. 

They suggested taking the N, Q, R, W instead, but of course you would have needed to know that prior to 42nd Street to transfer.  Then of course, once you got to Brooklyn, you were pretty much out of luck, but at least you made if off the island.

3 thoughts on “Getting to Brooklyn Today was Fun!

  1. And they consider this to be acceptable. In a way, I feel sorry for current MTA management, who are forced to play catch up after the transit system was allowed to fall into decline from the Fifties through the Seventies. But not too sorry, because they still waste vast sums, attempt to maintain the status quo, and refuse to admit just how bad the system is.

    People will only forsake their cars for mass transit on the day when a majority of people can plan a trip on mass transit and reliably arrive at their destination on time, having spent the trip in comfortable and pleasant surroundings.

    That can only happen when all of our legislators are convinced that efficient mass transit is needed by the majority of citizens—most of them see it as aid to the poor, rather than an integral part of a healthy society.


  2. I moved out of Brooklyn a few years ago mainly because of the train ride. Your post doesn’t surprise me at all.


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