NYPD Flaunts $32,881 Salary?

Is the NYPD really flaunting the new starting salary for recruits?  It’s $32,881.  Where in Manhattan can you live for $32k a year?  Hell, it hard to make ends meet with twice that.

Well, the NYPD is making sure you know about it with half takeover ads on the subway.  If you haven’t seen them already, they’ve released a big campaign to promote the new increased salary.

From NYPDRecruit.com.
From NYPDRecruit.com.

No wonder other states are recruiting our officers out.  On the one hand, the NYPD is probably one of the most elite police forces in the world, but they are also grossly underpaid.  Read More »

Bed Bugs Attack in the Subway

Bed Bugs on Subway

As if we don’t have enough things to dodge in the subway, like homeless bums. Now we have to watch out for bed bugs.

“…reported seeing the bugs on wooden benches at the Union Square and Fordham Road stations in Manhattan and The Bronx, respectively.”

I generally avoid sitting on those gross wooden benches on the platform, but now I definitely will. Bedbugs are being found on the benches.

In case you don’t know, all it takes is one of these little buggers riding home with you for your entire home to become infested. You might as well say good bye to every bit of fabric and furniture you own!

And they bite like crazy while you sleep.

I’d imagine that the bed bugs will easily spread via homeless people sleeping on he benches. They move around from place to place and spread the bugs. The fact that the benches are wood probably doesnt help the situation either.

Eeeww…now I’m all itchy.

Getting to Brooklyn Today was Fun!

And by fun, I mean it sucked big time. 

The Brooklyn bound 2 and 3 trains were definitely not running, but I heard there were issues with the 4 and 5 too, which makes sense.

There was allegedly a power failure somewhere near the crossing from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

In any event, that meant there were no 2, 3, 4, or 5 trains going to Brooklyn.  They all started turning around to come back uptown.  Lovely. 

They suggested taking the N, Q, R, W instead, but of course you would have needed to know that prior to 42nd Street to transfer.  Then of course, once you got to Brooklyn, you were pretty much out of luck, but at least you made if off the island.