NYPD Flaunts $32,881 Salary?

Is the NYPD really flaunting the new starting salary for recruits?  It’s $32,881.  Where in Manhattan can you live for $32k a year?  Hell, it hard to make ends meet with twice that.

Well, the NYPD is making sure you know about it with half takeover ads on the subway.  If you haven’t seen them already, they’ve released a big campaign to promote the new increased salary.

From NYPDRecruit.com.
From NYPDRecruit.com.

No wonder other states are recruiting our officers out.  On the one hand, the NYPD is probably one of the most elite police forces in the world, but they are also grossly underpaid.  Seattle is willing to pay NYPD officers double what they start at in New York, plus give them $5,000 to cover moving expenses.

My problem with the low salary is the limiting effect it has on the recruitment pool.  New York is missing out on hiring better quality people who would command a better salary.  Instead, you are getting a bunch of people that just need the money, and a handful of people that want to be a cop no matter how little it pays.

Now sure, there’s a lot of great officers added to the force every year.  I’m just saying you could get more if it paid better.

7 thoughts on “NYPD Flaunts $32,881 Salary?

  1. I understand what you “meant” to say, and I totally agree with your post, NY cops needs to be better paid to serve better the city, sounds to me very logical!


  2. I agree with pretty much what you said, but feel you’ve missed out what I think is the single most detrimental side effect of the poorhouse salary- the lowering of standards.
    With fewer qualified applicants the NYPD is forced to accept those whom they otherwise would not.
    I am speaking from personal experience here. Two years ago I took the exam, scoring 18th, which is 99% percentile. I went though the process, and only in one of the last stages did I look around. We were gathered in an auditorium, and I looked to my left, and I looked to my right, and I realized that I would not be able to trust either of the men with my life. That was the end of that dream. I am a New Yorker, and I would not be a cop anyplace else. I would possibly be able to survive for 5 years on peanuts. I could deal with the job. I would not take to the streets with either the guy to my left or to my right. I wasn’t the only one to walk away from my list, and that’s the saddest side effect of the NYPD pauperism inducing “salary”.


  3. 30K no wonder we get cops like this:

    & this:

    & this:

    & please you couldn’t make me join the police force if you gave me free prostitutes to shove shrimp cocktails down my gullet. though I think some Police Officers do.


  4. The ad should say: NYPD top salaries for cop Under the rank of LT is over $200,000 PER YEAR.

    To the 2nd guy who posted… when I went to US Navy bootcamp I felt the same way. But I stayed. And it got worse… the first 2 years sucked. But the last 2 years made up for it.

    There are more 6 figure cops in NYC than you could count. Everyone works a second job. Mostly it’s armed security and the job is on the books but most of the hours are pure cash – off the books. Rethink your decision and talk to someone who is “on the job” bro.


  5. @ CD
    I actually made my decision with the advice of one of my high school friends who is on the job now and went in 2 years before I took the exam. He works 2 jobs because he can’t make ends meet with the job he loves. He’s been hanging on because he wants to make detective, like his father and grandfather, but lately has been talking about lateralling out to LA. My list is still active, and I could rethink it, but after the give backs in the new contract I’ve decided to go the law school route. DA’s at least don’t have to take up a second job to pay the rent.


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