Seatless Trains a Reality!

Holy crap!  Was the MTA listening to us?

Remember back in June when we were talking about how cool it would be to have train cars without seats (aka standing room only)?  Yeah, guess what?

They’re doing it!  (Read Here)

In about 6 months, retrofitted cars will hit the rails as part of a pilot program.  Among the trains involved in the pilot program, 4 out of 10 cars will be the standing room only cars.

These cars will have all flip-up seats.  Back in June, one of SUBWAYblogger’s commenters suggested that the seats lock in the upright position during rush hour.  Then, at other times, they could unlock, and people can sit down.  Well, that’s exactly what they are going to do!

Apparently, the Straphangers Campaign thinks that the public will oppose the seatless cars, but I couldn’t disagree more.

The seatless cars allow 18% more riders during rush hour.  There will be less jockeying for position as well because certain people (you know who you are) won’t be battling for seats.

Can’t wait to find out what lines are involved.

16 thoughts on “Seatless Trains a Reality!

  1. Awesome. Chicago is doing this too.

    Now build articulated trains with gangways people can stand in. Boom, 10% more room.


  2. YES! That was my idea and I’m glad they will be implementing it. Now how do I go about collecting my consulting fee?

    I’m guessing this will show up on the L or 4,5,6 trains. Hopefully the Port Authority will follow in suit soon. The PATH could definitely use this system for the morning commute.


  3. oh and what is the Straphangers Campaign thinking? Yeah some people will be upset… the 5-10% of riders that actually get seats. It’s like saying we shouldn’t ban cigarette smoking on the subway because there are a few smokers out there…. ???


  4. This is a terrible idea! After a long days work you have to stand and not even get a chance to sit down? Pardon my french but that is bullshit! As if the trains aren’t crowded enough, people can do what I do and wait for the next damn train instead of trying squeeze 10 people into one square inch. For God’s sake!


  5. I’m afraid I disagree with M. Seatless cars are a good idea. Besides, what is the chance of getting a seat during rush hour? Mind you, the seats will be usable during non-peak times. Please also realize that people want to go home, eat dinner and rest FAST, not hang around for a nice subway ride.

    Please also note that this is experimental.


  6. I saw this on the news last night and was so excited. I’m all for it. No more stinky homeless man sleeping on all the seats during my morning commute!


  7. While I can see how this could relieve some congestion, the no-seats-during-rush-hour plan could be rough on people like me who get woozy and pass out at the drop of a hat. I usually don’t get a seat during rush hour anyway, but still it would be nice to know that whenever I start getting dizzy there’s a seat nearby that I can potentially collapse into…


  8. HORRIBLE IDEA! How about more trains and better use of space in the trains? OH WAIT BUT EXCUSE ME! I had the insane notion that the MTA really gives a crap about riders. This idea comes completely out of greed!


  9. @Smotri- That’s why only 4 of the 10 cars in a train will be seatless. The standingly challenged can go to the remaining 6 cars.

    @Kismet- I must be greedy then because I want to not have to wait while overloaded train after overloaded train blows by me.


  10. Well said, SUBWAYblogger! This idea is excellent, BUT it is both experimental and limited.

    MTA understands that their trains are overloaded. So add more space.

    Besides, how many extra trains can they run?


  11. Those seats are flipped up and locked during rush hour, but seeing as how MTA employees are too lazy to change rollsigns on the side of cars sometimes, what makes you think that those 4 cars will have their seats properly locked up during rush hour?


  12. How are they going to make sure the seats are locked? Say to all the old/tired/pregnant people “oops you have to get up now and stand so i can let more people get in and push you to death”
    And I can just imagine how we’re going to be pushed against the windows and such.
    This doesn’t look good to me, plus I’m on the 6 train everyday for 3 hours (about an hour and a half each way) I don’t wanna stand the whole time!


  13. BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD oh, did I say BAD IDEA. I’ll leave earlier and wait for the train with seats. Even the nicest people in the world become beasts when they enter a subway station – it’s kill or be killed but not because of the seats. Radios were banned years ago but that doesn’t stop i-Poders from blasting away. The trouble with earphone music is the whole car doesn’t get to hear how cool you are. So blasting is the alternative. Even the most expensive i-Pod sounds tinny – you just sound cheap. There’s no food allowed on trains but just this morning the woman next to me was sprinkling the roll crumbs from her thumb, index and middle fingers on my coat. The only thing seatless trains will provide is a boxing ring for curmudgeonly commuters. Could they provide armor at least?


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