Time for a new act

Is it me, or are you bored by the pan handler’s stories?  At this point, I’ve heard every sob story these bums can come up with, and now I’m board. 

“Excuse me ladies and gentlemen.  I don’t mean to disturb you…”  Uhh dude. Yeah you do, so shut up and get to the point. 

One time I did admire a guy’s honesty.  He got on the train and said, “Everybody!!  I’m homeless and I’m probably going to take whatever money I can get to go buy a drink.  I’m just being honest, so can anybody help me out?”  My man made some serious quarters on that little bit.  So far I have not seen another original pitch like that.  And since I don’t think any of his competitors will be on the web any time soon, I don’t feel like I am giving away any trade secrets.

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