The day the music died (from heat stroke)

Know what sucks about the subway in the summer?  (Besides the heat making you seriously consider grabbing the 3rd rail with both hands)  Less subway musicians. 

Because of the heat, there is a serious lack of quality subway entertainment.  Where do these guys go?  Maybe they move out in to the nearby parks.  Personally, I think they are sellouts.  If they are going to advertise themselves as subway musicians, then they better keep their trumpet tooting asses underground. 

You don’t see the homeless guys walking around in the summer claiming to be corporate CEOs.  No no my friend, they keep it real.  It is time that the subway musicians do the same.

Sometimes the only think keeping me from assaulting the woman next to me wearing jeans that she bought 8 sizes ago is the catchy tune of my local keyboard player. 

I look forward to the fall my friends.

2 thoughts on “The day the music died (from heat stroke)

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