Yankees Game Madness


Yankees 2  Baltimore 3 A fairly good game even though the Yanks were losing the entire game.Anyway, to the subway…

What I notice immediately is the number of “subway authorities.”. By that I mean guys in Yankees jerseys that attend aproximately two games a year thus earning them the title “lord of the subway directions.”

Their kingdom consists of the third of the train car that they happen to be standing in. In other words, from the nearest door to the next.

Little do the rest of us know that we “dont know what we are talking about.”

When any loyal train car subject suggests an alternate tranfer strategy, subway lord responds with a snappy, “Well, if you want to do it that way…” or “if you like taking the LONG way.”

The irony is that they are complete idiots. I actually just heard this come of of his lordship’s mouth:

“Well its easy. All you gotta do is take the B train down to 59th Street and jump on the uptown 9 train.”

Uhhh dude…there is no such thing as the 9 train anymore. And for that matter you should just get off at the 125th Street station and take the C downtown.  Buuut if you want to take the loooong way, go ahead. Jackass.

Till the morning…

PS – Pink Yankees gear does not make you a fan. It makes you a trophy wife to drag to the game. Just a tip from me to you.

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