Two-for-One Day: Yankees Game

Today all my loyal SUBWAYblogger readers get a bonus post! [Waiting for the applause to stop]

I’m headed up to the Bronx to catch the Yanks vs Baltimore tonight. I am sure there will be plenty to discuss about those trips. So stay tuned for that. Unforunately, I will be going up there with a buddy so I won’t be able to “live blog” the trip. 😦 I don’t want to reveal my secret identity.

Anyway, I did just see a highschool aged black girl threaten to “slap a white bitch” because the white girl had the nerve to say excuse me she passed her on the stairs.

On and on she ranted about how lucky she was that she didn’t “beat her ass.”. I got behind the punk as she was ranting at the turnstile. Couldn’t help but say out loud, “oooh just shuuut up! No one thinks your a bad ass.”. I got an evil look in return, but she thought better of mouthing off directly at me.

Stay tuned for the post-Yanks wrap up!

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

One thought on “Two-for-One Day: Yankees Game

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