Let ’em off people

Gothamist had an interesting story yesterday.  Every now and then, they do an “Ask Goth” feature.  This one was about the subway.

“Here is what happened yesterday, which is pretty typical: I was trying to change to the express train from the local, and as we pulled into the station I saw my train across the platform. I was not the only one. There were a whole bunch of us at the door eagerly waiting to leave the train and jump on the express across the tracks. I just happened to be in front, at the door. So anyway, by the time the doors opened, there was a fair-sized guy standing right in the middle in front of the door, with two other people standing at the sides but just blocking enough of the door so that no one could get out.

So I said “excuse me,” and he did nothing. Not a move by anyone. So, having no choice really (I certainly couldn’t back up, there being all those people behind me, and besides, we want the express!) I had to push between the big guy and the others, at which point he LAUGHED AT ME.”

Read the 100+ responses at Gothamist.

Of course, I have a few ideas on how to solve this:

  1. Do what I do.  As you pull up to the station, get down on the floor like a track star waiting for the pistol to fire.  Or get into the ready position like a football defensive lineman.  Just as the train starts to slow, count down, “Ok here we go.  5…4…3…2…1…GO!”  I promise, there will be no one that stands in your way.
  2. As the train slows, start to get yourself psyched up like a boxer about to go in the ring.  Talk loudly to yourself, “Ok man, let’s do this.  HERE WE GO.  Get fired up!!”  Then start to bounce around.  A little shaddow boxing probably wouldn’t hurt.
    Try this stuff.  If people are still in your way, they are even more nuts than you!

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