Ahh the calm before the sh*t storm

I have an early meeting this morning, so I am “in the system” (as if it were the matrix or something) earlier than normal. But there is something nice about the calm in the early morning.

There are less people on board, so I am actually able to sit while I write. It also appears that we are moving much quicker. Why is that?

What is a little strange is that 80% of the people in thi car are asleep. Should I be alarmed?

Oh wait, I forgot to mention the toothless dude that go on behind me that keeps screaming “faggot” over and over again. Now does it seem a bit odd that everyone is still sleeping?

I prefer to not assault the annoyingly homeless before 9am…especially if I have a suit on. Of course, I always try to use words first. I will attempt to explain to him why the empty seat across from him is not a “fagot,” but it could get messy.

Till this afternoon!

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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