Work being done, but is anything being accomplished?

As I just walked into the subway I was struck by how much construction is “being done” on the platform. I put “being done” in quotes because I don’t really see any results.

I have been a rider for years now, and have to say that little seems to have been done. There’s lots of refurbishing going on, but is it really refurbished if it was just restored to a previous level of shitty-ness? A debate for the ages.

Instead of costly reconstruction, how about a little powerwashing every now and then? I say give the homeless guys a powesprayer twice a season and have them wash down the entire platform. Instant results. Then all you gotta do is give them a sandwich (or 6-pack…depending on the borough) and they are happy campers. We get to enjoy a refreshed platform.

Who’s with me?

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…