Running late!

Running pretty late this morning. Got all the way to the subway and realized I forgot my ID for work. I work in a building with pretty high security. Everywhere you walk, your ID needs to be passed over a sensor to open doors. So it I a real pain in the ass to move around the building when you forget it.

Now, doesn’t it seem like the train is always late when you’re running late? I seriously think they just like to f**k with you when they know you are running late.

Without fail, the train took for ever to get here, and as I speak we are being “held by the dispatcher” at the station. That’s because “the dispatcher” is back at MTA mission control saying, “Dude…dude… come here. Watch me mess with this guy.”. Aaaand they all get a little laugh.

All for now. Till this afternoon…

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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