Not in Kansas Anymore

Whoa. This is weird. Remind me never to catch the train at Lincoln Center again. Waaaay to many artsy kids around.

Frankly, they frighten me. Especially in groups. These kids are supposed to be loaners, right? So what’s with the little goth gangs here.

I figured since school isn’t in full swing yet over here that I would be safe. Oh no my friends. There must have been some sort of orientation or special program going on. Otherwise, I have no explanation for this occurrence.

I really thought that this was some sort of joke. Dozens of those kids that wear all black, and carve shit in their skin. Ohh and lots of chrome stuff: chains, studs, nipple rings…the usual.

Walking into the middle of the pack really can make you fear for your life. I sort of froze for a moment, and I think they could smell my preppy-kid fear.

Lesson learned!

12 thoughts on “Not in Kansas Anymore

  1. heya,
    i can see how it intimidates ya lol

    but ya shudnt realli stick to the usual stereotypes, if you do its “emos” that ‘carve shit into their skin’ tho most dont its a dumb stereotype..
    And “goths” are people to, they do have social lives, lol.


  2. i think u are out of order i am a goth and i am not a loner and u make us sound as if anyone who walks past is gonna get stbbed or summot all we want to do is hang round with our mates like you do without getting summot sed bout how we dress or how we handle our lifes so if i walked past u and u was in a group with ur m8s wud u like it if i sed u did summot 2 urself or ur a loner NO SO JUST BACK OFF ND DNT STERIOTYPE US!!!


  3. well i dress “goth” but considuired a extremest for my lothe (serious hate) for chavs i think we should unite from around the world to take down the chav scum contact me by going on my face book and join up with the group called A.C.C a movement just started out. hay we all got to start as a little group and expand and increse.

    the goth girl and goth guy who was savagely attacked by chavs in that skate park witch in when cost the life of that poor goth girl who is the cause of our deaths and assaults in the street CHAVS we cant walk around without the fear of being harmed by those who were tracksuits ITS NOT SAFE ANYMORE! so i say this…join meand help us make this movement ageinst them your joining will make a big differnce

    P.S any chav says “im gonna batter you so bad cos im mr ard and me cru are just the best cos i cant fight on my own ” bullshit then sorry i said it for ya o yea also “go cut your wrists ya sad emo” not emo sorry read top again “extremest” oh if u cant read it ill put it in the language you can understand called “fuckwit” enjoy mr chav who thinks your hard in your herd of scum “ima gona get u so gd cos me cru r lke so ard wed smsh ya so ard cos me grl (mostly there mums) tld me 2 dnt dis me grebo cos i is gangsta (short for twat)

    i mostly speak out for most darkness people (goths emos grungers metalheads punks and all i missed out)thank you and goodnight ladies and gentlemen

    your espeicaly Josh.


  4. weeeellll….actually, the majority of the goth kids i’ve known were super nice and their personalities didn’t reflect their appearance. thinking that everybody that looks the way they do are all the same is like assuming everyone that wears a gold chain and jersey is a thug. you dont have to be goth to be artsy either. nor does being goth make one better at art.


  5. I consider myself quite friendly. I have friends. I like wearing black and collars and spikes. So what? The world would be pretty boring if every one were the same. I have “preppy” friends too! OMG! Um…hail satan! or something…dunno, I think that’s what I’m supposed to say… of course those who do, that’s cool with me too!


  6. First off. goth is a subculture.

    You’ve got it all wrong, goths are not loners, they just are not a part of the mainstream.

    You’re a prejuduced pig.

    Go learn a thing or two about a subculture before you parade around stating false facts, stating false thingsn and makning yourself look like the moron you are.


  7. I really think YOU are the reason why it is so hard for people to get over appearances. You act like because of their attire they are going to bash your face in with a Hellraiser if you so much as walk by them. So they wear black clothes and have piercings, it’s not what you would wear, but so what? Are they causing you any physical harm? Or even any mental? You really need to become a bit more open-minded; people are people. You don’t see that all humans are different, but we all have friends, and that is what makes us the same. So if you ask why they are in groups, it’s because no one wants to be alone.
    And when you say they could smell your ‘preppy kid fear’, one-you are stereotyping yourself, and two- they are PEOPLE not DOGS.


  8. ……lols why the fuck whould you be afraid of some goth people
    ur a fagget
    imean you dont ever hear about people getting beat up by those “freaks in the black”
    you must live in the middle of hillbilly town to be soo surprised
    if ur areally city dweller this wouldnt have surprised you at all
    and i happen to not be goth but tend to wear dark colors and black,
    the goths i have meet have been quite nice,
    lols i feel bad for you peeps in the UK because i think the whole chav thing came from the US gansta though im not sure, and i most definatly am probably wrong, but in the US gansta people are pretti normal and soo bad (unless there in a gang and sell drug or “stuff” or carry a gun around, then you got to be a bit careful) yea and ive been hearing alot about them nasti chavs beatin up people and i thought it was fucked up


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