If I had children like these…

…I would push them onto the tracks. Actually, I take that back. I would throw myself on the tracks because it would be my fault that I had these little brats.

Do you ever find youself out somewhere just wanting to throttle a child into the pavement?  Like on a bus, in a restaurant, a waiting room, or in this case the subway?  If you do, just remember that it is the parents who you actually want to slap silly, not the kids.

If this child throws himself into my legs one more time, I will hold his mom’s head outside while the doors close. Here’s the game:

On this crowed train, wait for the brakes to hit, then jump up in the air to see how far down the isle you get thrown. Ohhh and you get bonus points if you hit a person in the knees on the way down (aka me).

YEAH…THAT’S THE GAME. Meanwhile, terrible mom of the year award winner says, “Hunnie, c’mon. Stop that please.”. Saying it at least 10 times.

So here’s my idea. Grown-ups, let’s all stick our legs out in the isle. Ladie with pointy shoes get more points.  Then maybe mom will stop her kid before he loses all his teeth.

WOW. This turned out to be a really angry post. Sorry bout that. But really, how much should a person have to handle?

Live from the subway, back to you in studio… 

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