Where did everyone go?

Hahaha…this is an ironic follow up to my “Where did you come from” post a few days ago. Today, there’s next to no one on the train. It is the same time that I get on board as always. The same time that a few days ago yielded an insane number of people on board. Not today though.When there are this few people around, it I no wonder crazy sh*t happens down here.

How many of you have ever wondered how the graffiti ends up IN the tunnels? Well when no one is around…It kinda freaked me out. When I say no one, I mean like 5 people total. This is at a station where there are normally hundreds. For a second I asked myself, “Is today a holiday? Do I have the day off?”. That’s how few people are on board. So what am I missing? Is it “National Screw It, I Don’t Wanna Go to Work Day?”

My prediction: a bajillion people on the platform tomorrow morning for no other reason other than to mess with my head.

Moving along, I wonder how those kids did yesterday with their “subway challenge.” I will look into it and post a complete update later this morning. It is pretty funny how seriously they took it. They had a little support team set up and everything. On their Myspace site, someone they know posted that at last check in, the guys needed water. So I assume it was someone’s job to scurry out their and deliver the goods.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…




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