Holy splish splash Batman!

Nothing like a biblical down pour at 4:58pm, just as you are getting ready to walk out of work.

Also, it is much harder to type in your Blackberry with only one hand. (The other is holding my umbrella)

Speaking of umbrellas, holy crap people, it is an umbrella…not a nurf bat. So it effing hurts when you get poked in the eye because the idiot next to you who can’t wrangle in their PGA Tour sized expo tent on a stick.

Hey jerkface, you know how I just stepped over to the side a little to avoid slamming my umbrella into your melon? Yeah, you should try that too! It works a little better that way.

The most retarded thing about it is that when THEY hit YOU, they stop and look at you like you walked up and pissed on their leg. Uhh you hit ME buddy, so what’s all the confusion about? You must be shocked at your own stupidity.

Off to get out of these wet clothes.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

2 thoughts on “Holy splish splash Batman!

  1. I actually don’t mind getting caught in the rain so long as I’m on my way home. There’s something very satisfying about getting completely soaked, going home, stripping off the wet clothes and taking a really hot shower.


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