Leaving work late on a Friday: NOT Priceless


Few things suck more than getting stuck at work late. One of those I getting stuck at work late on a FRIDAY. Really, you look forward to that feeling of freedom as you hit the doors at 5:05PM. The only upside is that the subway is pretty empty right now. I even got a seat.

It is a litte after 7pm right now and I think I am sitting across from some out of town girls. They seem really dressed up for this early on a Friday. That’s usually a giveaway. People from out of town don’t realize that the bars/clubs don’t heat up untill 11 or midnight. Even the good restaurants don’t start really jumping until after 8.

On that note I just confirmed it. I just asked if they are from out of town. YUP. Just the fact that they acknowledged my voice shows that they aren’t from the city!

Meeting friends at a bar they say. Do NYC bars even open at 7:30? Don’t think so, but I didn’t want to break their hearts. These chicks are in for a night they won’t forget (they’re headed for The Village).

Have a good weekend. SUBWAYblogger out!

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…


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