Mmmm Times Square on a Saturday Night

Talk about the party thay never ends. Or should I say, the freak show that never ends. I was dragged to Chevy’s in Times Square for dinner. Normally, I don’t enjoy a chain restaurant in the city. There are just so many other good places. But, I figured what the hell, I hadn’t been to TS in a while.

Well, the subway in TS is usually crazy enough on a weekday. On the weekends, especially weekend nights, it is a complete hell hole.  Wall-to-wall tourists and homeless people out to panhandle. The tourists have no ideah where they are going. They just wander.

Folks from out of town, I understand that NYC can be a bit much for you to handle…especially if you have never been here. However, this is the most important tip I could ever give you. Ready?

WALK. Don’t stop. Just keep f*cking WALKING.

Walking behind Bertha’s fat ass while trying to catch a train makes we want to scream. One foot in front of the other lady.

That’s it. Move.

Also, New Yorkers will stop to help you with directions. Just get out of the damn way first!  We have trains to catch too.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio… 

One thought on “Mmmm Times Square on a Saturday Night

  1. That is some of the most solid advice I’ve ever heard anyone give the tourists in this great city. I would just add that once you come to water, stop, turn around, and walk back the way you came. When you come to water again… repeat.

    Solid stiff.


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