Rain rain…yep…more rain

A lovely weekend of rain only to start the week with, you guessed it, more rain! Although, I belive a rainy weekend doesn’t always get the crediti that it is due. Afterall, it is the ultimate excuse to do NOTHING all weekend.

So, walk outside this morning only to be hit in the face with even more rain.

I think the rain drives more people underground. There are a lot more non-regulars on the train this morning. This theory is supported by the huge lines at the Metro Card machines this morning. Clearly there was an influx of people that don’t have cards already.

There should be a waiting line for the non-regulars. A completely different area of the platform. Sure, c’mon down…welcome aboard. But let the rest of us who are here every day on first. We’ve certainly earned it.

The non-regulars also throw my routine off. I have (just like all regulars- a certain area that I always stand on the platform. I also have a certain train car that I usually get in. The non-regular show up, and they clearly don’t know the routine. They don’t even realize that there is a routine.

Listen, this is where I stand. This is where I wait. And this is the train door that I get in. As a non-regular, step aside, and let me show you how it is done.
Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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