No Air Conditioning? Is this a joke?

What’s with all the subway cars with broken air conditioning?

The MTA has insane surpluses every year, yet there are still trains crusing around with random cars that have no AC.

In a hurry, I unknowingly jump onto those busted cars and immediately say to myself, “Well, maybe if I let the doors close on my head I will stop thinking abou how f***ing hot it is in here!”

Then I am just left here praying that we get to the next stop quickly so I can run down to the next car. Of course, I am not the only one thinking that. So there’s a herd of us running down the platform. Ohh and that’s after we fight off the idiots that are trying to get IN the hot car after we tell them not to.

Here’s my request of the MTA: Just lock those cars. Ok so they are broken. Fine. Just don’t let people in them.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

One thought on “No Air Conditioning? Is this a joke?

  1. Ok. Your blog is cute and I get frustrated with the MTA as much as you do, but this is an inane post. Think of how many thousands of cars there are in the system. On any given day, the AC on one of them is going to crap out. In the middle of the day even, so that you can’t tell when. That’s the way it goes. Blame them when they’re awful but an AC dying is not their fault. Unless you can prove it’s the same car EVERY DAY.


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