I see old people

I just heard the subway pulling into the station as I was walking downstairs. So, I ran through the turnstile to get down here. Unfortunately, I had to jump into a car that I usually don’t get in.

I’m what you call an “end-rider.” I prefer to ride near the very front or rear of the train. I don’t know why. It is just the way it is. Today, I had to jump in the middle car. And I am not happy about it.

It is like another world in here. I have no idea how a different section of the train could be so different.

First of all, I must be the youngest on in here by 30 years. I guess the middle cars must be closest to the stairs or elevators. I honestly feel like I am on the senior center activity bus. A third of them are asleep…or at least I hope they are asleep.

They all have thos tractor trailer size grocery carts filled with lord knows what. How the hell do they get those down here? Oh and bags on their heads. Guess that’s how you can tell if it is going to rain. Just look for old ladies with platic bags on their heads.

Here’s my stop. Gotta get out of the death car. Till later!

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

2 thoughts on “I see old people

  1. Even worse is running for a train and jumping into a car that you normally don’t ride in a train that turns out to be heading in the wrong direction. I’ve done that.


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