Holy splish splash…Part Deux

Well I wish there were more to blog about than the insane amount of rain lately, but that’s the big story.

I was lucky enough to get on The Death Car this morning before the rain hit. Unfortunately, this afternoon’s trip is a wet one!  Out my office window, it looked like it didn’t stop raining at all. The intensity came in waves, but it was nonstop.

My platform was virtually underwater when I got here a couple minutes ago. They are doing construction on the street level right above the uptown side of the platform. So, they put up a temporary ceiling, but it is esentially worthless. Water just pours through when it rains. It is such a joke. It isn’t even a drip. Its a straight up surge.

I think the water just funnels down to the open part. The result is that 70% of the platform is covered in caution tape even for the lightest rain. It doesn’t help that the floor is uneven. So the water pools everwhere. Watching grown men in suits play “avoid the puddle hop scotch” is pretty funny.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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