Oh pleeeease stop running

Did you ever notice how people run to catch a train? Did you ever look at someone running and think to yourself, “Oh please stop running. That’s entirely too much jiggle this early in the morning.

It is a regular occurance, but it is so funny to watch. What is it about women over 30 that makes them look like mental patients when they run? And why is it that only the “most jiggly” people are doing all the running?

Listen lady, all the bacon grease is on an express train to your heart as we speak, so take it down a notch and wait for the next train. None of us already ON the train want to have to carry you off.

Another odd thing that caught my eye this morning was a woman climbing the strairs a if she were almost at the summit of a mountain. Just one step, then stop. Then another step, and stop. Obviously, this isn’t the first I’ve seen it happen because people do that all over the system. However, it made me think how dumb you have to be to put yourself through that. Who in their right mind would go into the subway knowing that the usage of stairs is a matter of life and death? Why not just stay above ground and take the bus? (Gasp)

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

2 thoughts on “Oh pleeeease stop running

  1. I look at people running for the train and sometimes think, “Why are you running? The train is right there and it’s not leaving for another 2 minutes.”

    And yet they still run like the world is about to end and I still make it with lots of time to spare as I stroll.


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