Running late on a half day

Oops. I am running a bit late today, and it is completely my fault. What’s a little sad is that today’s a half day anyway. The office is closing after lunch. So its in late and out early. Oh well.

As for the holiday weekend, I have no idea what’s in store. Just to give you a heads up, there won’t be any regular postings on Monday. I will resume the normal routine on Tuesday.

Between now and then, I hope to do some writing from home. Maybe a few holiday bonus stories…if you will. I have no idea at this point if/when I will be on the subway so we’ll play it by ear. (I hate that stupid saying…play it by ear.)

On another note, since I am leaving early, it will be cool to check out the activity during the midday. I’ll be heading further downtown for lunch this afternoon. Look forward to a unique post on that.

THIS JUST IN: Ok so I am writing this administrative post while riding the subway a normal, but I just saw the funniest thing. There’s this woman standing across from me who is attempting to put on lipstick and balance herself at the same time. The train just jerked around a little and she bumped her face into the lipstick tube as she was putting it on. So now their is red lipstick on her cheek. She thinks she got it all off, but nooo.

What’s the proper protocol here? New Yorker code of conduct states not to say anything to anyone at any time. Do I break the code and say something? I think not. Its Friday and I am sure her coworkers could use a laugh.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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